Business Card

At Kuki’s Media Studio, we have a strong background in print material designs that can build and strengthen your brand, as well as design marketing materials to your target audience. Our designs, layouts and brand consistency can enhance your project reports, newsletters, posters and just about any product communication material. We suggest paper quality, supervise printing and deliver the final product to your specifications.

Make a first impression with a business card that speaks volumes about your unique identity.

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Logo Branding

The purpose of a corporate logo branding is to establish a product or service awareness presence at the same time enhance the company’s professional image through promotion of affiliate products for distribution across a global market. When developing a logo, we take into consideration the company history, future plans and target audience. It has to be practical, vivid on all platform, give significant meaning as well as keep pace with company’s future growth. We will carry this theme on all company’s stationery and identity material.

Before we set out to create a design for our clients, we ask them what the end goal and objectives are. Then we create a design that helps met their goal and objectives.

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

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