The purpose of a corporate logo re-branding is to establish a product or service’s new awareness presence. It also enhances a company’s professional image through promotion of affiliate products for distribution across a global market.

When re-branding a company’s logo, we take into consideration the company’s history, future plans and audience. It has to be practical, clear on all surfaces and dimensions, give a significant meaning as well as keep pace with future growth. We will carry this theme on all the company’s stationery and identity materials.


Developing an impressive company profile can make a profound impact on your potential clients. Your products should be well packaged to reflect your company’s brand and its services at a glance. Kuki’s Design Studio works closely with clients to capture the essence of the company and portray it elegantly to enhance its corporate image. We also develop printed company profiles that can be packaged in PDF, CD or DVD format for easy presentation and content updates.


We have a strong background in printed material design that you can build and strengthen your brand as well as marketing services or products to your targeted audiences. Our design, layouts and consistency can enhance project reports, newsletters and just about any printed matter. We suggest paper quality, supervise printing and deliver the final product to your specifications.


Kuki’s Media Production specializes in creating outstanding photographs for social events such as weddings, birthdays, graduation ceremonies at competitive rates. Our team is experienced in every aspect of photography production such as photo books, slideshow on CDs and large format prints on canvas. We capture the moment, the mood and scenery. Kuki’s Media Production works closely with each client to capture the moment in style with HD quality.